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Thu, Jul. 8th, 2004, 09:37 pm

Gah I hate when livejournal is nutty. It went back to my old view style.

Oh and by the way, I got the job at EMP. As soon as I know what my Auntie Anne's schedule is next week, I'll know when I'll be working at EMP. If they decide to make me full time, I'll get medical, dental, vision, 401K, discount at EMP, free membership, free tickets for friends, discount on food at the center house, free Costco membership. FINALLY a job that's worth it.

And the starting pay is $9.50/hr. Fuck yea.

In other good news, Alex confirmed that my band WILL be playing Unityfest. Except he's dumb and is having it on a Friday and it's an ALL day event. He wants us to play earlier in the day...but I don't think that will work considering Bjorn Ryan and Marc all have 9-5 Mon-Fri jobs.

We figured out a setlist though, and it's exactly a half hour. Very exciting.

Anyway I have to clean the kitchen... and sorry about my last entry appearing 4 times. That was LJ's fault, not mine. But it's fixed so no worries :) Later.

Fri, Dec. 26th, 2003, 05:21 pm


Fri, Dec. 26th, 2003, 04:55 pm

Okay really, what the fuck is up with this business?

i think you're the biggest loser i've ever met...all you do is talk crap about people and talk about unimportant shit that you don't even know. anyway have fun with your girlfriend making the minimum wage scale for the rest of your unimportant life. good luck working AT THE MALL FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE...who knows maybe you'll end up working in a cd store, having no money,and always having to owe people money. do yourself a favor and go get an education so you will finally know what the fuck you are talking about. the reason you're so quiet when meeting new people is because you're dumb and you know it. oh yeah and erin isn't as pure as she claims. ask her about the man in her life a few months ago. god damn jen get a clue and grow a backbone.

Whoever they are...my goodness. Why not take out your aggression elsewhere? Yes I'm so sure there was a man in Erin's life a few months ago. Sure. I like when people pretend to know what they're talking about, and it always seems that they only way they can remain anonymous is to leave rude comments in my guestbook. Why do you need to stay anonymous? Why do you care what I think of you if you obviously don't like me. Get a fucking life, I don't have time for this shit.

Wed, Dec. 24th, 2003, 01:02 am

So Erin and I decided that instead of waking up early and exchanging presents, that we'd just do it tonight so we can sleep in.

I got:
2 packs of socks
a pack of boxers
a pack of boxer-briefs
2 stuffed bears from Eddie Bauer
pajama pants
A HOSTESS EASY BAKE OVEN!!!!!!!!!! wooooooooooo.

It is so time for bed now! Yeesh!

Tue, Dec. 23rd, 2003, 11:31 pm
Is it possible?

Could this be what I've always wanted? Will I get it?

In next week's Stranger (which is out already for some reason) in the employment section

RECORD STORE - UNIVERSITY DISTRICT. Clerk/buyer for established used record store. Must have retail experience & know music. Bring resume to 2nd Time Around 4209 University Way NE, Seattle 98105 or fax to (206)320-9300

I've wanted to work there for quite some time. So Saturday (or maybe even Friday when I get off work) I'm taking over my resume. God that would be a dream come true.

In other news, though I worked all day, I'm in a good mood. I was in RZone again and it wasn't very busy. I did good at helping people find things they needed, and explaining about different things. I was late to Sweet Factory due to a bus being late, and traffic, but that's okay cuz I stayed a little late to make up for it. I had visitors at work today! Ryan Quiroz came in first, then Gimpy, then good dear Heatherlicious, and then Kirsten and Jodi! GOD remember Kirsten? What's really weird is right before she came in I called the Skate King hotline for the first time in FOREVER to see what was going on. Apparently there's an all-night skate on New Years eve. 7pm-7am. I wanna go!! Too bad I have to open New Years Day at the mall. Why in god's name is the mall open on New Years? BAH to that.

Anyway our laundry is all over the place and I should probably do something about that before Erin gets home from work. And then we'll both crash and wake up around 9 or so and open our presents from each other. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Later.

Tue, Dec. 23rd, 2003, 02:52 pm

I'm home from TRU and have just enough time to pee and check the mail before I head to Sweet Factory. Can't wait for tomorrow.

Mon, Dec. 22nd, 2003, 11:39 pm

Okay the cookies are made, the majority of the laundry is put away. It is officially bed time. I am going to be so exhausted tomorrow but when payday rolls around it'll all be okay. Woo. Night all.

Mon, Dec. 22nd, 2003, 11:02 pm

Snickerdoodles get so big when you bake them. It amazes me to no end.

Mon, Dec. 22nd, 2003, 08:40 pm

The sound on my phone works fine if I use my headset. Sheesh!

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